Clear, Blue, Easy

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You might have thought the title referred to a female product, but no.  I am talking about the Blue Trail at Whiting Road Nature Preserve.

We were searching for obscure places to visit around Monroe County, and someone suggested Whiting Road Nature Preserve.  She was quite right — we certainly don’t hear about it much.  This hidden gem didn’t come up in many Google searches for local trails for some reason. Of course, I immediately jumped onto their website, and they have an extensive network of trails.  Sweet!  A new expedition!

We planned to visit almost two weeks ago, shortly after our trip to Lodi.  Unfortunately, the weather in Western New York is thoroughly unpredictable.  (I’m glad meteorologists don’t get docked pay for being wrong, because none would want to work here if they did.)  Anyway, it has been raining just about every day since, so we finally made the trek today.  I’m glad we did.

The first visible entrance from the main parking lot on Whiting Road is the Blue Trail.  According to the park’s posted map, this particular trail is 0.70 miles long.  Several other trails branch off for various lengths, creating quite the hike if time allows.  We were unfortunately only able to experience some of it as there was a thunderstorm to contend with.  Nobody wants to be wandering around under a bunch of trees with lightning…

Clear, Blue, Easy.  

The Blue Trail is a very easy stroll.  It features no hills, streams, climbing, or fancy footwork.  The path is clear, with no fallen branches or path obstructions.  The trails are also clearly marked, thanks to local scout troops.  In fact, some of the signs include mini maps to help hikers find their way.  This is a splendid idea and sometimes much more of a help than simply painting on the trees.

As we made our way back to the car, we nearly passed by a brick building set off some from the main path.  It apparently used to serve as a smokehouse and is currently being restored by Girl Scout Troop 106.

The trails do allow leashed dogs, as well as bicycles, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, and horseback riding.  We saw some mountain bikers, but they were so far gone, we pretty much had the trails to ourselves.  Take a look at some of our shots.  We plan on doing the Yellow Trail and more next time!

Author: weeklyexpedition

I am an LPN and a writer who loves the outdoors. I am happiest surrounded by thick forests and chirping birds. I often have my camera with me, as well as my dog, my son, and my man. When I'm not writing, hiking, or writing about hiking, I can be found somewhere in my house, or at the local library, reading anything I can get my hands on.

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