The Return to Whiting Road

Brown trail begins - mapLast week, Jeff and I visited Whiting Road Nature Preserve and completed the Blue trail.  This week, after battling rain showers and thunderstorms, we finally returned and to scout out the brown trail.

The Brown trail is 0.40 miles long and branches off early on from the Blue trail’s north entrance.  Brown’s footpath is wide and clearly suitable for horseback riding as well.  In fact, we encountered some horse plops along the way.

The trail has a completely different feel from the Blue trail.  The beginning of this trail is still wooded, but soon the trees clear, and fields of greens and golds begin to be seen in the distance. The trail forks–the right fork leading toward Whiting Road and the left fork toward the rest of the Brown trail, spotting monarch butterflies, dragonflies, caterpillars, and more.

Nearing the end of the Brown trail, Green could be seen sloping downward into a more darkened woods.  Immediately we felt excitement and wanted to turn in that direction.  However, puppies are made for short journeys, not long ones, and we decided to use this as a reason to return later.

We did have time for one more trail, however.  The Yellow trail seemed to fit into our time budget, and Magnus was having a good time.

This turned into my favorite experience at Whiting Road thus far.  There aren’t exactly hills to climb, but a dramatic view of a drop-off around a sharp bend in the trail gave the impression of a change in elevation.  Some of the most interesting plant-life can be appreciated from the Yellow trail, including mushrooms, vine-covered trees, and Ramariopsisa white stalked fungus resembling coral.

We stood awhile at the top of a hill where an unmarked trail branched off.  There, we inspected an old metal gate that could have blocked the trail long ago.  It looked so out-of-place sitting there with tree branches growing through and around it, like nature knows it just doesn’t belong.

Yellow trail old gate

Finally, back on the Blue trail, and back to the car we realized we had just completed 1.4 miles, and it felt like nothing.  The beauty and serenity of Whiting Road Nature Preserve rivals that of other local favorites, especially considering the location.  We look forward to seeing you here someday when you come for your visit!

Next week, we have an interesting story to tell about Irondequoit Bay Park West. 

Author: weeklyexpedition

I am an LPN and a writer who loves the outdoors. I am happiest surrounded by thick forests and chirping birds. I often have my camera with me, as well as my dog, my son, and my man. When I'm not writing, hiking, or writing about hiking, I can be found somewhere in my house, or at the local library, reading anything I can get my hands on.

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